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When Dante looks to see who's behind the voice, he is struck by a beautiful sight.  Strolling towards him is a woman dressed in a form fitting black outfit with flashy tassels and gold talismans at the ends of them.  Her hair was done up in a beehive with red ribbons wrapped around it.  The ribbons' ends flowed down behind her.  Dante recognizes the woman not by her appearance but by her aura.  It is the same aura he felt during his back alley encounter with a group of demons.  Unlike then, he can see her clearly.

The woman's arrival removes the angels' attention on Dante.  They begin to approach her with weapons ready.  The woman stares at the angels with a casual grin.  Then, raising one arm, she draws a circle with her finger creating some sort of magic template.  Inside the template a pair of large double barrel pistols, magenta in color, appear.  She takes the pistol in her hands.  At the same time, another set of the same pistols appear on the heels of her stilettos.  With a push of her glasses, the woman takes an elegant stance with her guns held high.  "Come along children, it's time I tuck you in," said the woman.

A couple angels roar in to the air before quickly taking off for the woman with weapons ready.  The woman leaps high in the air when the blue angels draw close.  A few more blue angels spread their wings and take to the sky after the black clothed woman.  One of them thrusts its staff forward.  The weapon is gingerly deflected and the angel disposed of.  Two angels rush in.  The woman sees them coming from both sides.  She places her hands on the incoming staffs and lifts herself into a handstand.  Spreading her legs into a split, she fires the guns on her feet.  Then she flips off the staffs and delivers a kick to the chest of an angel attacking from above.  This one is taken out alongside with another of its brethren attacking from below.

From the ground Dante watched the woman's amazing aerial agility as she take on and takes out the angels with no difficulty.  He doesn't question why or how she can move so easily in the air.  There is something strange about her but Dante dismisses it as he does with anything that fails to interest him.  He watches the black-clothed beauty dispatches one angel after another with acrobatic beauty and grace.  The woman dodges an attack and counters with her pistols.  A block, a dodge and a parry coupled with some flashy aerial acrobatics quickly sends a couple more angels to their end.  Another angel dives down toward the woman.  She quickly grabs the staff just as it is trust forward, flips herself over the attacking blue angel and plants her heel right between its wings.  The woman drives the angel back down to the ground, riding it like a surfer.  She plows into a group of blue angels flying towards her.  They pile up in front of her one on top of the other.  With the ground fast approaching, she ends her angelic joy ride.

"Ride's over.  Everybody off," says the woman with a smile.  She fires a shot from the pistols on her feet a split second before leaping off the angels.  The angels' disintegrating bodies slam into the ground, exploding like flash bombs.  The woman lands a moment afterward and strikes a pose.  "And she sticks the landing," she says.

Most of the blue angels were gone save for two.  The red angels step up to avenge their fallen brothers.  Spreading its wings, the first one flies at the black clothed femme fatale.  It separates its bow into two sword-like weapons and slashes them at the woman.  She flips from the path only to land herself in a pincer attack from the remaining pair of blue angels.  With quick flexes, the woman jumps straight up, leaving the angels to collide into each other.  A couple of rounds from her handguns finish the job.  The moment her feet touch the ground she starts dancing her way around the red angel's swinging swords.  This angel proves to be tougher than its smaller cousins as it comes within inches of making contact with its weapons.  However, the woman nimbly avoids each strike.  She back flips to dodge the red angel's sweeping attack with both weapons at once.  The red angel quickly reforms the bow and fires an arrow that it created.  The woman fires two shots, one for the arrow and the second for the red angel.  Both are destroyed.  Several red angels attack en masse.  The woman uses her amazing agility to dodge their attacks and counter with her own.  The red angels swing and slash their dual weapons with deadly precision.  The woman counters with the same.  A couple red angels reform their bows and fire their magic arrows.  She destroys the arrows and then the angels.  More angels prepare to fire their arrows.  Through a series a back flips, the woman ruins their chances.  After escaping death, she crosses her guns in front of her to block the incoming strike from another red angel.  The angel holds her in a parrying move.  Its comrade swoops in from behind to deliver a strike to the woman's exposed back.  Then, just before impact, a single shot rings out and the attacking angel bursts into a flash of light.  The red angels' attentions are drawn to Dante.

"Sorry, I tend to get a little antsy when a good show is interrupted," the Devil Hunter said with a brimming smile.  Then he fires a shot at the angel engaged with the woman.  It vanishes in a bright flash once its halo was destroyed.  "See, what did I tell ya?" said Dante.  Then he addresses the woman, "I know I'm imposing but you could use a dance partner, if you don't mind?"

The woman looks at Dante with interest in her eyes.  "I usually dance alone but I think I can make an exception this one time.  Just try to keep up, darling," she says with coy as she got into position, raising her guns in an elegant pose.

"I'll have you know," Dante says and then he twirls Ebony and Ivory with stylish flare and brings them into firing position, "I'm pretty light on my feet."

"Let's see," the woman replied looking at Dante with a cat-like stare.  With that, the two immediately begin mowing down the remaining angels.
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DemiSanity Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012
could you at least let me regain a fraction of the pride i had before reading this. damn this girl giggle!
devildriver1313 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012
I'll consider it. ;)
HKamikaze Featured By Owner May 13, 2012
Dante + Bayonetta = Angelic Apocalyspe
devildriver1313 Featured By Owner May 15, 2012
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The angels are fucked.
devildriver1313 Featured By Owner May 8, 2012
Oh yes they are, my friend. Yes they are.
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